I Can Give You What You Need.

Hi there beautiful! I hope you’ve been well because I am feeling amazing and would love to check in with some Spirituali-Tea. Have you been experiencing vivid dreams, deep knowing, aligning with 4:47, or feeling your ancestors or passed on … Continue reading I Can Give You What You Need.

Men Behind Miss Moore

Hi beautiful! I’ve spoken about the women and Divine Feminine energies in my life since the beginning of blogging. Today, I’d like to shift my attention to men and the Divine Masculine energies in my life. I write this post in hopes to show the world how powerful black men are in their role behind black women. First, I want to show my gratitude for all of my Divine Masculine great grandfathers, grandfathers, my father, uncles, cousins, and friends whom have transitioned before me. I only hope you have a clear view of the work I’m doing down here for … Continue reading Men Behind Miss Moore