X posed

Mirror , Oh Mirror I ask you Crush my ego if you have to Ye of all truth  So I only ask you Am I genuinely beautiful; Beyond your glass door? Are my intentions as pure? Metaphorically speaking, What is the cure?  For feeling ugly on days we look so pretty? Sunny when we feel shitty? Stupid yet still so witty. Mirror, what is pretty? Is it in me? Am I reflecting love; Or is it envy? I feel my vibrations off your pretty face The aura of yellow How sweet it tastes. Continue reading X posed


Heartfelt laughter Echoes across the palace I found emotional satisfaction Inside the chalice Cleared the smoke of all the self fallacies Turned my manifestations into reality Solidified on values and principalities Not even paying  For the Spiritual casualties. So be grateful for your journey The Divine chooses the wise  Even though we are all worthy But this courageous decision is based on free will Wish fulfillment requires intuitive  skill If you’re built on rocky foundation You will never remain still So you must honestly ask yourself “Is that how I wanna feel?” Continue reading 7/18/2020


3:02 AM Venus Day 7/17/2020 What is happening in their brain? What potential energy do they contain?  On the rope of curiosity, I refuse to hang. So please come out and make it plain. I am too dimensional to be a Jane. Transmuting the energy that causes emotional pain. Distancing myself from feeling insane. From today forward, things will never be the same. Because I decided to call off the riot. Instead, my inner passion has been ignited. The intense feeling of love I can’t deny it. A different strategy, I gotta try it. Disappointment is a heavy stinch, so … Continue reading Cotton

Bee Poetic

Oh girlfriend, I feel your pain, So many things you don’t even have to explain, But this narrative I wanna change, So let me be frank and say it plain; I’m a woman’s woman, So I come to you first, I can care less of how men curse, Negative projections I reverse, Keep a gun in my purse, Pull the body out the hurst, Rejuvenated with love, I feel the burst Finally putting myself first, Quenching my own thirst, I’ve seen the best in the worst , After years it’s time to give birth, To all the value they told … Continue reading Bee Poetic

Divine Angel 7

Taken 6/20/2020 I would like to reintroduce who I am, For those of you are who are new. I know my reputation precedes me, & Please believe there is so much lie within their truth. But to honor my power, I remain silent. I resort to solitude, While they become violent. While they increase their volume, I become incredibly quiet. Dedicating more time to self-care & paying attention to my diet. It was time to surrender & no longer could I fight it. So, I prepare my elegant attire, Packing my essentials & lighting a fire, To burn the candles … Continue reading Divine Angel 7