I knew eventually he would do it My calm collected cool He almost blew it Blocked him quick I refuse to go through it Insulted at the highest Blunt and being honest But he’s down right stupid “Be patient Juni don’t lose it” Being calmed down by cupid He has to fight his own temptation Embody Temperance Practice patience Because this cycle has to come to close Whether you go through the valley or ditch and hit the shores As you prepare for the ball Cinderella, Will your King still being doing chores? Continue reading

So grateful for this time To realize how divine this dimension really is So many things I feel that I can’t speak of It’s like being really excited, But still not understanding what the true meaning of Christmas is.As a kid, My dreams were always so vivid Maybe at the age of 10, From the intense feeling of pain from the past So deep the cut If touched, I can still kinda feel it But not triggered by the mention Twenty Seven Teen, I think that’s when I went missing Happy to announce I’m back and better than I was … Continue reading