6:47 AM

Good morning all,
Consider this your wake up call,
It’s Venus Day,
So I hope you have a ball,
Please don’t forget to call on in,
When you feel the emergence of your evil twin,
Like a hermit, quickly walk within.
I cannot explain why or when,
But as I bleed out through this pen,
I openly confess my sins,
Highlight some Spiritual wins,
That toxic love shit has finally come to an end.

But back to you,
I hope you enjoy,
All the energies you employ,
To manifest you have to be in joy.
But is that an energy you know well?
What’s on your heart?
Do you mind to tell?
I’d love to hear your tale,
Expand my horizons upon your farewell,
No need to cast a spell when I align,
It’s all in Divine Time,
Like the Empress I am, attract and shine,
My golden light on the blind,
For their truth I hope they find,
I say this with all due respect because I’m kind,
Fuck the opinions of others when it comes to managing your time.

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