Next Level Ish

Genius with the pen but I don’t flex.

Spiritual with the tools with no need to hex.

Crossing all the T’s and closing off the X.

Self Care Sevyn with two S’s on my chest.

Hippie with these thighs and perky little breasts.

Constantly clearing karma cuz I stay ready for the test.

Yeah I think I’m the best.

Photographer: Shelby Cherie

Divinely created so I’m demeaned unique just like the rest.

So I hope I don’t press you,

To guess who you should run to.

On the days the nights fall cold blue,

Grateful for all I been through.

Love how I can stand bold in my truth,

Screaming from the highest mountain through the glass roof,

I’m done playing small, I’m ready to show my abundant proof.

Which is all in the pudding.

Talking out the side of your neck,

Saying things you shouldn’t.

Learned a million lessons by choice,

That even with courage, a lot of you couldn’t.

Or wouldn’t I should say.

See I got it my way cuz I don’t play when I say,

I am Moore all day, every day.

Bay Bay.

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